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Smiley Game - Find the Different Smiley

January 31, 2016 / No Comments

Today, in the post we are showcasing a small smiley game which is easy to play and understand. Here are the details:

1. The below image has many smileys with red hat
2. All the these smileys look very much similar except one smiley.
3. You have to find that one non similar(different) smiley in this smiley group.
4. Just mention the ROW number and Column number to answer
5. Share your answers in the comments section below.


Guess this Emoticons??

February 17, 2013 / 1 Comment
Here is the interesting quiz game for you. Can you tell me the name of the below emoticon/smiley. I can give you only one simple hint but I don't think it is required to you ;-)

Hint: He was one of the famous leader in the world.

Now lets see how many of you know the right answer. Time starts now!!!