Top 15 Eastern Style Emoticons Codes

Eastern Emoticons Codes
Eastern emoticons can be read without tilting the head.

1. Smile for happiness
(^_^)   or   (^.^)

2. Open mouth for laughing or singing

3. Wink for joking
(`_^)   or   (^_~)

4. Closed eyes for sadness or sighing

5. Lowered head for bitterness or disappointment
(._.)   or   (,_,)

6. Sweat drop for nervousness or embarrassment


7. Big eyes for wonder (seriously?)
0.o   or   O_o

8. Beaked lips for a kiss
(^x^)   or   (^3^)

9. Blushing for embarrassment

^///^   or   >///<   or   o///o

10. Crossed out eyes for death

11. Tears for sadness and crying
(;_;)   or   (T_T)

12. Distorted eyes for pain, failure or frustration
(>_<)   or   (>.<)

13. Closed eyes and zzZ for sleeping
(-_-)zzZ   or   -_-zzZ

14. Headphones for listening to music
d^_^b   or   d-_-b

15. Distorted eyes for annoyance
Vikrant Agarwal
Vikrant Agarwal

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