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Most Used Text Smileys Codes with Meanings

Text Smileys

The text smiley normally consists of eyes and mouth. Here are some guidelines for creating your own sideways text smileys/emoticons.
  • A colon : represents the eyes in smiley
  • A closing bracket ) represents the mouth in smiley
  • Now, Just put them together to make a basic smiley :)
  • All smileys are read left to right, e.g. :) is a smiley face as the mouth curls upwards direction
  • A common variation is to replace the colon : eyes for = making =)
    Many different variations can be used to create these smileys. Here are some of the examples:

    Icon Meaning
    :) Standard smile
    :-) With nose
    :-E Buck-tooth
    >-) Evil grin
    :( Sad or frown smile
    :-( Sad with nose
    :-< Super sad
    :P Sticking tongue out (raspberry)
    (((H))) Hugs
    :-X Kiss on the lips
    `:-) One eyebrow raised
    :^) A broken nose
    :-& tongue tied
    E-:-) a Ham radio operator
    Icon Meaning
    :-# With braces
    :'-) Happy Crying
    {:-) Toupee smile
    ;) Winking smile
    ;-) Winking smile with nose
    O:-) I'm an angel (boy)
    O*-) I'm an angel (girl)
    |-O Yawn
    (:-D Gossip, blabbermouth
    @>--;-- Rose
    @-}--- Rose
    =^.^= Cat
    O.o Confused
    C=:-) A chef
    A bunny
    Icon Meaning
    :-! "Foot in mouth"
    :-D Laughter
    :*) Drunk smile
    :@ Exclamation "What???"
    :-@ Scream
    :-0 Yell
    %-( Confused
    :-----) Long nose (Liar!)
    :-.) Madonna
    :-($) Put your money where your mouth is
    (:I An egghead
    |-O Yawning
    :@) Pig smile

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