What are "Smileys"?

Smileys are the typographical symbols expressing the emotion. Smileys are also know as an Internet method of expressing the emotion. Sometimes smiley is used as a generic term emoticon.  It is commonly represented as a yellow circle with two black dots representing eyes and a black arc representing the mouth. The most common typographical symbol which represents the smiley is :)
Smileys came in to appearance in the year 1963 and it has been created by an American commercial artist, Harvey Ross Ball. Very soon the smiley became an notable international icon.

Today, the smiley is popular in the world and we are using these symbols to express our emotions in almost all the internet applications. Like: Smileys for Facebook, Smileys for iPhone, Yahoo Smileys and more.
Vikrant Agarwal
Vikrant Agarwal

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