90 Best Random Facebook Emoticons

Facebook, I'm a big fan of it. It is the best place to connect with your friends, family... I know, you all also enjoy a lot on Facebook. Every time we look for some interesting things to do on Facebook chat, Facebook wall to surprise our friends. So, today I'm bringing you 90 Random Facebook Emoticons to use on Facebook. These are different and interesting. Try it ;-)

Emoticon Name Shortcut
Superman [[136942059667395]]
Domo [[250128751720149]]
Gumby [[172634792775561]]
Spongebob(1) [[334954663181745]]
Spongebob Face [[252585271419080]]
Squidward [[squidward]]
Mr.Krabs [[mrkrabs]]
Sandy [[107950785929863]]
Mrs.Puff [[255841784451619]]
Plankton [[plankton]]
Larry the Lobster [[353372551112]]
Chowder [[49239575354]]
Mung [[105412836215690]]
Kimchi the Fart Cloud [[278204581010]]
Gir [[127734003956294]]
Dora [[dora]]
  Barney [[barney]]
   Elmo  [[elmo]]
   Big Bird  [[bigbird]]
   Cookie Monster [[cookiemonster]]
   Winnie The Pooh  [[winniethepooh]]
   Tigger [[tigger]]
  Arthur [[PBSArthur]]
 PeeWee Herman [[PeeweeHerman]]
 Hello Kitty [[hellokitty]]
 The Power Puff Girls [[ThePowerpuffGirls]]
 Naruto  [[104696320253]]
 Goku (Dragonball)  [[43985111513]
 Goku (Dragonball Z) [[179412035432554]]
   Hetalia [[118851214841634]]
 Sailor Moon  [[52945463402]]
Ponyo  [[PONYO]]
 Teletubbies  [[119960411370345]]
BooBah  [[151959596479]]
 Lego  [[LEGOGROUP]]
Charlie Sheen  [[charliesheen]]
 David Hasselhoff (The Hoff)  [[davidhasselhoff]]
Donald Trump [[217104144968122]]
 Randy Jackson  [[RandyJacksonNext]]
Nyan Cat (1) [[291720597536078]]
 Nyan Cat (2) [[118714951545229]]
 Ash and Pikachu  [[PokemonWorld]]
 Pikachu  [[326134990738733]]
 Poke Ball  [[236147243124900]]
 Angry Birds  [[166456416741199]]
 Mario  [[300983063279872]]
 Super Mario  [[supermario]]
 Mario Kart  [[mariokart]]
 Sonic the Hedgehog [[sonic]]
 Doraemon  [[155393057897143]
 Norbita  [[224502284290679]]
 Shin Chan  [[196431117116365]]
Papa Smurf [[124839657530642]]
 LLama  [[llamafans]]
 Trippy Eye  [[Hungry.Eyeball]]
 Money  [[35833778275]]
 Derp  [[224812970902314]]
 Kontana Izumi [[249199828481201]
Pedo Bear  [[148935948523684]]
 Smirk  [[333708903307152]]
 Hmmm [[134695813311979]]
 Mysterious [[208551699231052]]
 WTF [[243002845770158]]
 Shock  [[274914629225060]]
Crazy  [[144264815683239]]
 M  [[100003277310675]]
 A [[100003252111881]]
 H  [[100003281300913]]
 Windows  [[windows]]
 intel  [[intel]]
 Google Chrome  [[googlechrome]]
 Bing  [[bing]]
 Gmail  [[gmail]]
 Wikipedia  [[wikipedia]]
 YouTube  [[youtube]]
 Facebook  [[facebook]]
 Restaurant ville  [[89423383024]]
   FarmVille  [[123827117738416]
PetVille  [petvillepage]]
Yahoo [[yahoomessenger]]
 Hotmail [[hotmail]]
 Minecraft [[minecraft]]
 iTunes [[itunes]]
 Apple  [[iPodCommunity]]
 Ray William Johnson  [[raywilliamjohnson]]
 Nintendo 3DS  [[Nintendo3DS]]
 Playstation  [[playstation]]
 Sony  [[sony]]
 American Idol  [[101228960064]]
 MTV  [[mtv]]

Vikrant Agarwal
Vikrant Agarwal

Vikrant Agarwal is the founder of When he is not working on blog you can find him climbing mountains.

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