5 Amazing Expressions of Toilet Seat Smileys

5 Amazing Expressions of Toilet Seat Smileys

We have designed a very different set of smileys with unique style of expression in the form of clip-art. All these different expressions are on the Toilet seat, you will find them very funny. Check out this new style of smileys & smiley symbol and do not forget to share your views on this. Enjoy!!

Sad Toilet Seat Smiley

Happy Toilet Seat Smiley

Smile Toilet Seat Smiley

Toilet Seat Smiley showing hand

Toilet Seat Smiley Shocked

Toilet Seat Smiley Sign board

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Vikrant Agarwal
Vikrant Agarwal

Vikrant Agarwal is the founder of When he is not working on blog you can find him climbing mountains.

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