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17 WhatsApp Emojis in Big Size - Set 1

17 WhatsApp Emojis in Big Size - Set 1

WhatsApp is a free application used for messaging (text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls). It also has the feature of using emojis in the text messages. A wide range of emojis are inbuilt in the WhatsApp messenger. In this post, we are showcasing some of the emojis used in WhatsApp in the big size. Normally, you have seen these emojis in mobile phones in small sizes.
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Whatsapp Blushed Cheeks Emoji

Whatsapp Hugging Face Emoji

Whatsapp Money Face Emoji

Whatsapp Relieved Emoji

Whatsapp Sad Face Emoji

whatsapp smile Emoji

Whatsapp Smiling Face large Emoji

Whatsapp Smiling with Smiling Eyes large Emoji

Whatsapp SmilingClosed eyes

Whatsapp Smirk Face

Whatsapp Tears of Joy

Whatsapp Tongue Out2

Whatsapp Tongue Out

Whatsapp Tongue Out with Winking Eye

Whatsapp Unamused Face

Whatsapp Upside Down Emoji

Whatsapp Sweat Emoji

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Vikrant Agarwal
Vikrant Agarwal

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