18 WhatsApp Emojis in Big Size - Set 2

18 WhatsApp Emojis in Big Size - Set 2

After publishing the Set 1 of WhatsApp Emojis today we are publishing the another set of emojis in big sizes. All the emojis below can be found in the WhatsApp application. In this post, you will find the emojis in bigger sizes and various expressions. Checkout the below emojis and let us know which one you use a lot in the WhatsApp messenger while sending text messages.
17 WhatsApp Emojis in Big Size - Set 1

WhatsApp Thinking Face Emoji

WhatsApp Anguished Face Emoji

WhatsApp Emoji Face without Mouth

WhatsApp Face With Rolling Eyes

WhatsApp Frowning Face with Open Mouth

WhatsApp Grinmacing Emoji

WhatsApp Grinning Emoji

WhatsApp Hungry Face Emoji

WhatsApp Hushed Face Emoji

WhatsApp Kiss Emoji with Closed Eyes

WhatsApp Kissing Face Emoji

WhatsApp Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes

WhatsApp Nerd with Glasses

WhatsApp Sleeping with Snoring

WhatsApp Smiling Face Emoji

WhatsApp Sunglasses Emoji

WhatsApp Surprised Face Emoji

WhatsApp Wink Emoji

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