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10 Best and Beautiful Flat Smileys

April 4, 2017 /
Here comes one more collection of beautiful flat smileys. In this post, you will find the smileys in various flat colours. These colours are adding life to the smileys and they look really amazing. Checkout all the smileys below and let us know which colour is your favorite and which smiley you liked the most... Use the comments section below.
Keep SMILING because life is a BEAUTIFUL thing and there's so much to SMILE about...

15 Flat Wink Smileys in Bright Colors

January 20, 2016 /
A huge collection of wink smileys in flat colors can be found in this post. We have used bright flat colors in the background to make it a look more attractive. So, check out the 15 Flat Wink Smileys in Square shape and share your comments below.

Smile.., you look so much better when you smile.

12 Smileys and Emoticons in Various Colors

April 7, 2014 / No Comments
I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today, I will smile tomorrow and I will smile all the time.Simply because life is too short to cry. In this post, you will find the best collection of smileys in various colors. All these smileys have an emotion of happiness with a great smile on it. Check out this collection and let me know which color smiley you like the most :-)