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Yahoo! All Smiley Codes!

March 24, 2012 / 2 Comments
Yahoo Smiley
Here is the list of all smiley codes for Yahoo! Messenger 5 to Yahoo! Messenger 11, including Yahoo! Messenger for the Web. This is a big collection of Yahoo Emoticons & Smileys. The most interesting thing in this collection is that all the smileys are categorized and you can easily find and the best suitable category and use them.


Yahoo Smiley Codes
Yahoo Smiley Codes
Yahoo Smiley Codes

AIM 5.x Instant Messenger Smileys (Emoticons)

March 15, 2012 /
AIM 5.x Instant Messenger Smileys
AIM owes much of it's popularity due to the fact that every AOL member has it built into their AOL client window. Users/Chatters can choose a smiley from a wide range of smileys provided by AIM.

Here are some of the Smileys available for AIM:

Smileys/Emoticons for AIM
AIM and AOL Instant Messenger Smileys and their keyboard shortcuts>:o

Top 15 Eastern Style Emoticons Codes

February 16, 2012 / No Comments

Eastern Emoticons Codes
Eastern emoticons can be read without tilting the head.

1. Smile for happiness
(^_^)   or   (^.^)

2. Open mouth for laughing or singing

3. Wink for joking
(`_^)   or   (^_~)

4. Closed eyes for sadness or sighing

5. Lowered head for bitterness or disappointment
(._.)   or   (,_,)

6. Sweat drop for nervousness or embarrassment


7. Big eyes for wonder (seriously?)
0.o   or   O_o

8. Beaked lips for a kiss
(^x^)   or   (^3^)

9. Blushing for embarrassment

^///^   or   >///<   or   o///o

10. Crossed out eyes for death

11. Tears for sadness and crying
(;_;)   or   (T_T)

12. Distorted eyes for pain, failure or frustration
(>_<)   or   (>.<)

13. Closed eyes and zzZ for sleeping
(-_-)zzZ   or   -_-zzZ

14. Headphones for listening to music
d^_^b   or   d-_-b

15. Distorted eyes for annoyance

Best MSN Messenger Emoticons List

January 27, 2012 /

Use emoticons when you're messaging with friends to express your feelings. Try out all of the Messenger smileys:

MSN Messenger Emoticons


January 13, 2012 /
undefined smiley

Here are the top Facebook smiley post of this blog. This posts contains the top smileys that can be used on Facebook. It also contains some interesting and new smileys/emoticons which your friend may not be aware of. So, surprise them with this smileys...

New Facebook Smileys & Emoticons [2012]