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Yahoo Smileys Emoticons with Keyboard Shortcuts

November 25, 2018 / No Comments

Yahoo Smileys Emoticons

Emoticons are basically the smiley face type icons which conveys the expressions in text based chats. The word "Emoticons" is the combination of two words "Emotion" and "Icon".

We all are aware of Yahoo Messenger and its uses. You must also be aware of the smileys and emotions available in the Yahoo Messenger. In this blog post, you will find the long list of emoticons and its Keyboard short-cut keys which can be used in the Yahoo Messenger. Use the keyboard key combination as shown below and create the graphic emoticon in the Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo! All Smiley Codes!

March 24, 2012 / 2 Comments
Yahoo Smiley
Here is the list of all smiley codes for Yahoo! Messenger 5 to Yahoo! Messenger 11, including Yahoo! Messenger for the Web. This is a big collection of Yahoo Emoticons & Smileys. The most interesting thing in this collection is that all the smileys are categorized and you can easily find and the best suitable category and use them.


Yahoo Smiley Codes
Yahoo Smiley Codes
Yahoo Smiley Codes

Hidden Smileys of Yahoo Messenger

January 26, 2012 / No Comments
Want to send hidden smileys with your Yahoo Messenger? Here you go:

You won't find these smileys in the smileys menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.
Hidden Smileys of Yahoo Messenger