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5 Best Smileys with Ribbon on Head

August 17, 2017 /
In this post, we are sharing 5 best smileys with ribbon on the head. All these smileys are hand drawn and colored on the paper and then been published on the blog. The style is very unique and they look amazing. We always try to make you smile with our smileys :-)
Smileys... the most beautiful thing in life.

Love Smileys with Ribbon 1

Best & Beautiful Pink Smiley Badge

May 25, 2016 /
A very beautiful pink smiley badge can be found in this post. We can designed this smiley using various graphics and images. This smiley in pink looks very attractive and can be used as a badge. The eyes are big and the two teeth showing up while smiling adds to the cute expression. Eager to see your comments about this smiley in the comments section below :)

Quote: A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

14 Beautiful Pink Smileys and Emoticons

July 2, 2015 / No Comments
Pink Smileys - Smileys in pink color. Today, in this post, we have gathered 14 most beautiful and attractive smileys and emoticons. All these smileys have various expressions with a dark black outline. The color combination is very attractive as it will grab lot of attention because of bring pink color.

One last thing before ending this post: Always remember to smile :-)

Beautiful Collection of Smileys with Flowers

January 18, 2013 /
A smiley with a flower is the best way to express your feeling to your loved ones... It doesn't matter what the occasion is, but the flowers are the best way to express yourself. Someone told me that Love is a beautiful flower which we may not touch, but whose fragrance makes a garden a place of delight just the same.

Enjoy this beautiful collection of Smileys with Flowers.

15+ Pink Smileys and Emoticons (Collection)

January 17, 2013 /
Pink is the color of love, kind and generous. It is also a color of universal love, commonly used for Easter and Valentine's day. So, today am posting some special smileys and emoticons which have the nature of love, kind and generous. All these smileys are in different shades of pink and have different style of presentation. I hope, you will love this new collection of Pink Smileys and Emoticons.

5+ Beautiful Girl Smileys & Emoticons

August 30, 2012 /
I think, this is the first time that I am posting the Girl Smileys & Emoticons on this blog. All these smileys are very different from each other and they all are unique and beautiful. I this collection the smiley which I liked the most is the first one(Girl Dancing Smiley). I hope you will also like this collection.