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14 Stunningly Creative Smiley Icons

February 4, 2016 / No Comments
Looking for something unique, then you are at the right place. We have gathered here 14 Stunningly creative smiley icons which are looking the best. These smileys are in square space and have some grain like effect with various expressions. Checkout this smiley icons and let us know what you think about it..

Quote: Do me a favor, smile.

20 Smiley Icons in Varioius Styles

July 4, 2015 / No Comments
Smiley with mustache, Smiley with glasses, Smiley with cap and many various styles of smileys are collected in this collection. All these smileys are the best smiley icons with different expressions. Hope you will enjoy this collection and share your thoughts on this.

Smiley Quote: A Smile is the best makeup any one can wear.

100+ Best Smiley and Emoticon Icons

November 11, 2014 / No Comments
After a long time, we have gathered the most attractive and the impressive icons of smileys and emotions in this post. In the below collection you will find the smiley icons in various colors, styles and expressions. Check out this manually collected emoticon icons and let us know which style you liked the most.

To download these emoticons, just click on the title of the icons image and it will take you to the download page and from their you can download these icons. Enjoy!

Very Emotional Emoticons 2

10 Styles of Smileys and Emoticons

June 10, 2013 / No Comments
A Smiley/Emoticon can be presented in many different ways. I mean, many different styles of graphics can be used to represent a smiley. It can be 2D, 3D, Just outline, flat color, gradient color... etc. In this post, I have collected some of the different styles of smileys and emoticons which look very different in theme. I hope you will enjoy this colorful collection ;-)

39 Blue Smileys and Emoticons

April 4, 2013 /
More Funny, More Interesting, More Smiley and Emoticons for you. Today, I'm sharing a new set of smiley and emoticons in blue color theme. All these smileys are very cool and have different types of expressions. These can be used in many ways. Enjoy!! and let know which expression you liked the most by your comment.

200+ Best Grey Smiley Icons

April 2, 2013 / No Comments
Here is the another big collection of smiley icons in grey color. These smiley icons can be used in many ways... like it can be used on web or to represent any icon on any design etc. All this icons have different expressions and they are very well designed to use.

5 Best Emoticons & Smileys Icon Pack

December 2, 2012 / No Comments
Emoticons have different expressions and all are very cool and beautiful. I feel that emoticons are very helpful in expressing the feelings/emotions. After posting so many emoticons and smileys today I'm sharing five different emoticons icon pack.

Emix 1 Emoticons Pack | Download
12 emoticons (12 – 100*100 px, and 12 – MSN Smiley

35+ Best Orange Smileys (Smiley Pack)

September 12, 2012 /
Here is the collection of orange smileys. These smileys are in same theme and color. They all look same except their expressions. This collection of smileys include 35+ smileys and I'm sure you will love them.