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WhatsApp Emoticons for Chat

August 15, 2015 / No Comments
WhatsApp messenger is an application which is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Using internet, the messages can be sent and received via this application. It also has a feature of using emoticons for text decoration or expressing the message via emoticon. Today, we have displayed the set of emoticons which are available on WhatsApp Application. Checkout and let us know which one is your favorite.

Big Skype Smiley Emotiocns

April 22, 2013 / No Comments
Here is the another Skype Emoticon Art. In this art, you can see a big smiley face which has been created using many three different emoticons which are available on Skype emoticons panel. This emoticon art is very cool and you can use this to surprise your friends. You can find the code below the image. Just copy & paste it in Skype Chat Box.

8 Hidden Live Messenger Emoticons

September 15, 2012 /
Here is the list of hidden emoticons of Live Messenger. These emoticons doesn't exist in the emoticons list of messenger so you will not find these emoticons there. They are hidden and can only be visible in the chat box after using the below codes.

Use these secret, hidden emoticons of Live Messenger and surprise your friends ;-)

ICQ Emoticons with Codes

September 13, 2012 /
ICQ is an instant messaging application developed by Mirabilis and then bought by America Online. ICQ features include file transer, easy login, multi instance support, Google talk, user profile, audio & video, messaging  history, facebook chat, take a picture, add friends.... and moods.

Here are some of the emoticons to express yourself and to have fun.

AIM 5.x Instant Messenger Smileys (Emoticons)

March 15, 2012 /
AIM 5.x Instant Messenger Smileys
AIM owes much of it's popularity due to the fact that every AOL member has it built into their AOL client window. Users/Chatters can choose a smiley from a wide range of smileys provided by AIM.

Here are some of the Smileys available for AIM:

Smileys/Emoticons for AIM
AIM and AOL Instant Messenger Smileys and their keyboard shortcuts>:o

Best MSN Messenger Emoticons List

January 27, 2012 /

Use emoticons when you're messaging with friends to express your feelings. Try out all of the Messenger smileys:

MSN Messenger Emoticons

Hidden Smileys of Yahoo Messenger

January 26, 2012 / No Comments
Want to send hidden smileys with your Yahoo Messenger? Here you go:

You won't find these smileys in the smileys menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.
Hidden Smileys of Yahoo Messenger