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Snapchat Emojis in Big Size

July 22, 2019 / No Comments
Baby Face Emoji

Snapchat is a platform where you can interect with your friends and while interacting you can also use emojis. Emojis is the best way to share your message/feelings with other person with whome you are interacting.

Today, in this post, we are sharing some of the Snapchat Emojis in big sizes. Check out the below showcased emojis and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Google Smiley Face - Emoji List

November 26, 2018 / No Comments

Google Smiley Face - Emoji List

Google Smiley Faces
A smiley face is an emoji with yellow face showing various expressions like happy, sad, angry, kiss, laugh, smile and many more. Google emojis are used on Gmail, Google Hangouts, Android devices such as Pixel phones and ChromeOS.

In this blog post, we have showcased some of the Google smiley face showing various expressions. Checkout the below Emoji List: 

70 Popular Emoticons with Meanings

February 22, 2018 / No Comments


70 Popular Emoticons with Meanings 

There are many different types of emoticons with various expressions and I'm sure you may not be knowing the meaning of most of the emoticons. So, to make it easier to understand the emoticons we are sharing the emoticons with their meaning in this post. It is a huge collection of emoticons which consist of 70 popular emoticons with various expressions. Some of the common emoticons which I use are the Nerd, Sunglasses, Smiley Symbol, Kissing Heart, Smileys.

18 Most Popular Smileys on Smart Phones

February 20, 2018 / No Comments

18 Most Popular Smileys on Smart Phones

We all use smileys and emoticons on our smart phones while sending messages to friends & family. I think the communication becomes more easy in terms of expressing the thoughts and feeling by using a smiley. In this post, we have collected 18 most popular smileys which are normally using in smart phones while sending messages.

Check out the below collection and let us know which one you use the most :))

5 Amazing Expressions of Toilet Seat Smileys

September 6, 2017 / No Comments

5 Amazing Expressions of Toilet Seat Smileys

We have designed a very different set of smileys with unique style of expression in the form of clip-art. All these different expressions are on the Toilet seat, you will find them very funny. Check out this new style of smileys & smiley symbol and do not forget to share your views on this. Enjoy!!

Sad Toilet Seat Smiley