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8 Emojis on iPhone Vs. Android - Comparing Looks

August 10, 2023 / No Comments

We love emojis while texting messages to our friends, loved ones... In this post, we are comparing the looks of emojis of similar types on Android and iPhone. The below emojis include Flamingo emoji, Garlic emoji, Kite emoji, Orangutan emoji, Sloth emoji, Swimsuit emoji, Yawning face emoji & Dog emoji.

Checkout this comparison and let us know your thoughts on this using the comments section below:

iPhone emoji vs. Android emoji:


15+ Commonly Used Android Emoticons with Codes

January 30, 2013 /
Android is now-a-days very famous. It got many different types of applications both free and paid like the iPhone and the iPad. The smileys in an android device is different when compared to other smileys. They are Green in color and they look so cute. In the below list you can find Android Smileys with meaning and codes.