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Stunningly Designed Grass Smiley

May 23, 2016 /
Here comes the another creative smiley which had been designed with the use of grass. This round shaped grass smiley with great expression is looking very attractive. This stunningly designed grass smiley is in the PNG format with transparent background. It can also be named as the nature smiley.

Quote: Colors are the smiles of nature.

15+ Commonly Used Android Emoticons with Codes

January 30, 2013 /
Android is now-a-days very famous. It got many different types of applications both free and paid like the iPhone and the iPad. The smileys in an android device is different when compared to other smileys. They are Green in color and they look so cute. In the below list you can find Android Smileys with meaning and codes.

10 Best Green Smileys/Emoticons

August 31, 2012 /
Normally, the smileys are in yellow color but now you will see something very interesting i.e., smiley in green color. These smileys are in different tones of green and they all have different expressions which includes angry, happy, ill, wink, surprised....