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Hot Smiley with Loud Expressions

May 24, 2016 /
You may find this smiley little messy but the truth is sometimes messy things can also be very useful. In today's post, we have designed the smiley with the use of any tools and filters. The expressions are very loud and the colors are bright. Check this unique style of smiley below and share your thoughts on this using the comments section below.

Quote: SMILE!! is all you need...

Stunningly Designed Grass Smiley

May 23, 2016 /
Here comes the another creative smiley which had been designed with the use of grass. This round shaped grass smiley with great expression is looking very attractive. This stunningly designed grass smiley is in the PNG format with transparent background. It can also be named as the nature smiley.

Quote: Colors are the smiles of nature.

Smiley with Pink & White Stripes

May 22, 2016 /
Today, we came up with something new, a new style of smiley. In this post, we are sharing the new creative smiley which is designed with the combination of pink and white shades. The curvy stripes on the smiley adds a new look to it and the expression are also amazing. Enjoy!!

Green Yellow Red Smileys for Ratings

March 11, 2016 / No Comments
Here, Green indicates happiness, yellow indicates flat expression, Red indicates sad expression.
In this post, we have gathered the 3 most famous smileys which are normally used as ratings like the green happy smiley to show the happy expression, yellow smiley to show no impact(nor happy nor sad) it is in between happy and sad. Last but not the least the red smiley with sad expression to express not happy.

10+ Stunningly Designed Smiley Mugs

February 18, 2016 / No Comments

10+ Stunningly Designed Smiley Mugs

Normally, a mug is used to drink hot drinks(beverages) like tea, coffee, soup etc. Mostly all of us use mug in our day to day life and in this most of us also collect them with different designs and graphics. Today, in this post we have gathered 10+ stunningly designed smiley mugs in various styles by smiley symbol.

Quote: You can let your smile change people, but don't let people change your smile.
Orange Smiley Mug

5 Best New Hairstyles for Smileys

January 14, 2016 / No Comments
Wow!! what an amazing hairstyle of smileys, they look beautiful. In this post, today we have gathered some of the amazing looking smileys with great hairstyles. I think, the first smiley of this collection is the most attractive smiley with the hairstyle. Checkout all of them and don't forget to share your opinion/thoughts on this.

8 Super Creative Smileys in the Coffee Cups

August 22, 2015 / No Comments
Is it smiley? Yes, it is. In the cup of coffee. It is an art to create a smiley in the coffee cup. Today, in this post, we have collected the most impressive smileys which can be normally seen in the cafes while drinking coffee. In the below collection you will find the various kind of smileys created in the coffee cups. Check out these smileys and let us know which one is your favorite.

Best Yoga Smileys and Emoticons

July 23, 2015 / No Comments

Best Yoga Smileys and Emoticons

Yoga is a art of living. Doing yoga is very much beneficial for the health. Spending some time daily on yoga will improve your health. In this post, you will find the best yoga smileys and emoticons in various yoga positions. Check out the below collection and let us know your thoughts on YOGA and also the smileys below..

Quote: True happiness is to learn how to live beyond the imperfections.  
Yoga Smileys and Emoticons

12+ Smiley Flowers in Various Colours

December 23, 2014 / No Comments
Which colour of smiley flower you are looking for? You will find almost all the major colours of flowers with smiley face here. In this post, we have created a smiley flower in various colours. All these flowers look similar in style and design but the color is different. Enjoy this with a smile :-)

10 Amazing Colors of Star Smileys

December 18, 2014 / No Comments
Christmas is about to come, So I thought the smiley stars with various colors(green, blue, pink, red, yellow, purple...) can be of good use for my blog users. In this post, you will find the star smileys in different kind of colors depicting an happy face. Check out these smileys and let me know if the color which you are looking for is missing. I will try to arrange it for you :-)

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6 Amazing Dollar Smileys and Emoticons

December 16, 2014 / No Comments
If you are looking for smiley images with currency then you are at the right place. Today, in this post, we have collected a complete new set of smileys showing dollar currency. All these smileys are very attractive and rich ;-) check out the animated and non animated smiley below and let us know if you like them...

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6 Green Smileys with Happy Face

December 12, 2014 / No Comments
Green is the color of nature and I love the color of nature. It's been said that Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that's beautiful.

Today, in this post, I have gathered some of the best green smileys with happy face. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions using the comments section below.

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30+ Smiley Buttons - Best and Beautiful

November 13, 2014 / No Comments
Buttons designed in the style of smileys look very beautiful and amazing. The combination of colors and the various expressions make the buttons look more attractive. In this collection, you will find the most amazing smiley or emoticon buttons which are well designed.

Enjoy this collection and don't forget to share your thoughts below(Comments section).

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16 Most Beautiful Smiley Cookies

November 12, 2014 / No Comments
When the cookies are well designed they look very attractive and you feel like eating them right away. Cookies are very delicious and we all love them. Today, in this post, we have collected some of the great designs of smiley cookies. These smiley cookies are in various colors and expressions. Some of them also have a message with them, like the first smiley cookie is with 'Thanks' message.

Check the below collection and let us know which smiley cookie you liked the most... using the comments section below.

Your Smile is Good for Your Heart!

November 10, 2014 / No Comments
When you are happy you smile and this smile is good for your heart. I believe, it is not important to have a big reason for a smile, you can also smile without a reason. It will change your mood, try it!

And if you need a reason here are some:
1. A smile can make you feel good.
2. A smile on your face can make others smile/happy.
3. A smile can make you more attractive.
4. A smile can de-stress you.
5. A smile can bring positive energy.

13 Cat Smileys with Funny, Angry and Sad Expressions

July 1, 2014 / No Comments
Here you will find a new and very creative way of showing various expressions on a cat face. In this post, the graphics of cat has various expression mostly funny that can make you laugh/smile. Some of the expressions also include angry, sad and unhappy, these are also in demand :-)

Check out the below graphics and don't forget to share your thoughts on this.

25 Amazing Green Monster Smileys

June 17, 2014 / No Comments
In this post, you will find a new set of smileys which will be in green color and additionally it will have amazing body with different types of expressions like angry, sad, love, smile and more. Check out the below smileys and let me know if you like this new style. Specially designed for my readers, fans and followers.

Do me a favour... and Smile :)

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10 Best and Amazing Balloon Smileys

February 5, 2014 / No Comments
Balloons are normally used on birthday celebrations and parties. They are basically used as a part of decoration in the parties. Kids also love to play with balloons. In this post, I'm sharing the 10 best and amazing balloon smileys in ten different colors. All these balloons are very attractive and beautiful. Enjoy this collection and share your thoughts ;-)

40 Cool Smileys and Emoticons (Collection)

January 5, 2014 / No Comments
Smileys are filled with humor, they can make anybody laugh. In this post, we have collected 40 amazing smileys which can make you smile. All these smileys are in different moods like few are enjoying the Christmas celebration, few are new year, some are playing with football, some are celebrating the festivals like Easter, Halloween.. etc. Enjoy this collection of various smileys. 

Accident Smiley

20 Cool Smileys with Mustache

November 8, 2013 / No Comments

20 Cool Smileys with Mustache

Mustache is facial hair grown on the upper lip and below the nose. When it comes to cool smileys, the mustache looks very funny and amazing. In the below collection you will find the smileys having mustache in many different styles. All these smiley symbol styles and different and unique. Let me know by your comments which one did you like the most.

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Yellow Smiley with Mustache