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10 Famous Smiling Face with Hearts

May 27, 2021 / No Comments

Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Three Hearts. These smileys expresses a range of happy feelings of being in love. In these the yellow smileys with red and pink hearts are looks beautiful.

Check out the below collection of 10 Famous Smiling Face with Hearts and share your views in the comments section <3 <3 <3


8 Beautiful Smileys with Heart in Eyes

January 6, 2017 /
Just sharing one little smile can change someone’s whole world. Try it!!
Today, in this post, we are showcasing some of the most beautiful smileys with a smiling curve on the face and the heart in the eyes. In short, the smileys look as-if they are in love.. :)

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Your Smile is Good for Your Heart!

November 10, 2014 / No Comments
When you are happy you smile and this smile is good for your heart. I believe, it is not important to have a big reason for a smile, you can also smile without a reason. It will change your mood, try it!

And if you need a reason here are some:
1. A smile can make you feel good.
2. A smile on your face can make others smile/happy.
3. A smile can make you more attractive.
4. A smile can de-stress you.
5. A smile can bring positive energy.

5 Best Valentine Smileys and Emoticons

February 5, 2014 / No Comments

5 Best Valentine Smileys and Emoticons

5 Best Valentine Smileys and Emoticons

In this blog, I have shared many smileys and emoticons of heart, love, romantic, animated heart smileys, flower smileys, balloon smileys, love smiley symbol for Facebook, Skype heart shape emoticons art and many more. In this huge collection, I have shortlisted the best collection of smileys and emoticons which can be used on Valentine's day. Express your feeling using these best smileys and enjoy your Valentine Day.

35+ Love Smileys for Valentine's Day

January 21, 2013 /
Valentine's Day is observed on 14th February every year. It is the festival of Love and Gifts. This festival is celebrated with the roses, images of hearts, Smileys, cupids.. and the Love Birds.

Here is the collection of Smileys for Valentine's Day. All these smileys and emoticons are animated and they can be used to express your feelings. Enjoy!!

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8 Most Popular Love Smileys

September 19, 2012 /
When I think about LOVE I feel that it is the most complicated thing in the world because when you think what is love? then you have lot to say about it or you will have nothing to say about it... When I asked same question to my friend he said "Saying everything without saying anything is love". I said you are mad... lol.

Here are the popular love smileys...