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Green Yellow Red Smileys for Ratings

March 11, 2016 / No Comments
Here, Green indicates happiness, yellow indicates flat expression, Red indicates sad expression.
In this post, we have gathered the 3 most famous smileys which are normally used as ratings like the green happy smiley to show the happy expression, yellow smiley to show no impact(nor happy nor sad) it is in between happy and sad. Last but not the least the red smiley with sad expression to express not happy.

5 Red Smileys and Emoticons with Happy Face

February 25, 2015 / No Comments
Normally, you will find red smileys with angry expressions and very few with happy and happy face. In this post, I have gathered some of the best smileys which are red in color and also have a happy face. It also includes flat, 2d and 3d kind of smileys. I like the first one the most and would like to know which one did you like... share your thoughts using the comments below.

14 Very Angry Smileys and Emoticons - My Collection

October 16, 2013 / No Comments

14 Very Angry Smileys and Emoticons - My Collection

We have seen smiley symbol in happy smiley face and mostly smiling but in my collection you will see that the smileys and emoticons are angry, very angry. The expressions of smiley face represents the anger. In this post, I have collected 14 very angry smileys with many different colors and expressions. I hope you will enjoy this collection and let me know by adding your comments below.

Angriest Smiley