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10 Happy Smileys Showing Teeth (Collection)

January 8, 2016 / No Comments
This is the first post of this year and in this post we wanted to share something which is funny and happy. So, we have collected some of the best funny and happy smileys showing teeth while they smile/laugh. According to me the second smiley in this collection is the funniest smiley of this post. let us know by your comments which one do you find the most funniest and happiest smiley in this collection :)

13 Cat Smileys with Funny, Angry and Sad Expressions

July 1, 2014 / No Comments
Here you will find a new and very creative way of showing various expressions on a cat face. In this post, the graphics of cat has various expression mostly funny that can make you laugh/smile. Some of the expressions also include angry, sad and unhappy, these are also in demand :-)

Check out the below graphics and don't forget to share your thoughts on this.

Moving Smileys with Various Expressions

May 17, 2013 / No Comments
The fun will never end up here. It will continue to the long long way... Animated smiley and emoticons are here to make you happy. These smileys have various expressions and all of them look funny. In this collection, I liked the last smiley which is dancing on a music. It is unique... I hope you will enjoy this collection.

Funny & Creative Smileys

May 6, 2013 / No Comments
I think, smileys are funny in nature. They have the ability to make someone smile and laugh. Today, I'm sharing some of the cool, funny and creative smileys. These smileys are different from the normal/usual smileys. If you check the first smiley below it is fuzzy/hairy :)) and the next two are in costume and the last two are expression and balloon smiley.

I hope you will enjoy this collection and share your comments below.

24 All Time Best Moving Emoticons

January 31, 2013 /
Emoticons are very cool and attractive by nature. We all love them :) Today I'm sharing some of the moving emoticons which are very cool and funny. These moving emoticons have many different types of expressions like angry, fighting, funny etc. I hope you all will enjoy these emoticons and will share your suggestion by using the comments section below.

10 Funny 3D Smileys and Emoticons

January 15, 2013 /
Here is the another collection of Smileys and Emoticons with 3D effect. All these smileys look very funny and they are in PNG format. It means the background of these smiley images are transparent. I know you all will like these amazing and creative smileys and will share your thoughts by adding comments below. Enjoy!!

5+ Best Smileys with Glasses

January 10, 2013 /
After posting many different types of smileys and emoticons today I'm posting a new type of smileys. Here are the cool smiley with glasses. All these smileys are wearing different styles of spectacles and they are looking amazing. The first one is really cool :)

10 Funny Smileys and Emoticons

January 7, 2013 /
Smileys and Emoticons can also be funny. These smileys are making different face expressions to make you smile/laugh. Here is the collection of 10 Funny Smileys and Emoticons which will make you laugh. All the below images are in high resolution. Just click on the image, this will show the full size of the selected image. Enjoy!

7 Cool Smileys with Mustache

November 8, 2012 /
Yellow smileys with mustache gives completely a new look. Here all the smileys have different types of mustache and they all are looking funny/good. Mustache to a face also adds to the expression of the smiley. Here is the small collection of smileys with mustache. Let me know which one did you like the most :{

Smiley of the Day

August 29, 2012 / No Comments
Today, when I looked many smileys and emoticons I felt that this is one of the best smiley. So, I have selected this as the smiley of the day. It is funny, crazy... lolz

50+ Best Smileys and Emoticons (My Collection)

August 17, 2012 / No Comments
After the huge success of my previous collection of smileys and emoticons I thought to give you a big collection with many different types of smileys and emoticons with many different type of expressions. All the smileys in the below list are awesome and very attractive. Some of them are too funny. Let me know which one do you like.

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50+ Best Animated Smileys with Alcohol

March 19, 2012 / No Comments
Animated Smileys with Alcohol
We all like smileys but if they are animated then we love them. As animated smileys are very attractive and they grab attention. Here are some of the animated smileys with alcohol. These smileys are very funny and they are enjoying in different ways with alcohol.