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40 Cool Smileys and Emoticons (Collection)

January 5, 2014 / No Comments
Smileys are filled with humor, they can make anybody laugh. In this post, we have collected 40 amazing smileys which can make you smile. All these smileys are in different moods like few are enjoying the Christmas celebration, few are new year, some are playing with football, some are celebrating the festivals like Easter, Halloween.. etc. Enjoy this collection of various smileys. 

Accident Smiley

20 Cool Smileys with Mustache

November 8, 2013 / No Comments

20 Cool Smileys with Mustache

Mustache is facial hair grown on the upper lip and below the nose. When it comes to cool smileys, the mustache looks very funny and amazing. In the below collection you will find the smileys having mustache in many different styles. All these smiley symbol styles and different and unique. Let me know by your comments which one did you like the most.

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Yellow Smiley with Mustache

15+ Smileys and Emoticons with Forums Codes

January 15, 2013 /
After doing some research I found that users are interested in using smileys & emoticons in forums as well. So, I thought it's a good idea of posting some of the cool smileys and emoticons for the forums with the forum code. All these smileys and emoticons are of same family(color and style).

How to use:
1. Copy the Forum code of the smiley you like
2. Paste it in the forum and you the smiley will be visible.

Forum code:

Best Collection of Smiley Wallpaper

January 12, 2013 /
A smiley on your desktop will keep you smile when you are working on your computer. After the success of my first collection "10+ Beautiful Smiley Wallpapers" today I'm posting a new post on same topic with new collection of smiley wallpaper. Just click on the images below to see the full size wallpaper.

Send me your suggestions using comments below so that I can share more on what you like :)

5+ Best Smileys with Glasses

January 10, 2013 /
After posting many different types of smileys and emoticons today I'm posting a new type of smileys. Here are the cool smiley with glasses. All these smileys are wearing different styles of spectacles and they are looking amazing. The first one is really cool :)

8 Best Happy New Year Smileys

December 30, 2012 /
Smileys are normally used to express the happiness and other emotions like cool, sad, wink etc. Now, use these smileys to wish your friends and relatives a Very Happy New Year and also let me know which do you like the most. Enjoy and I wish you a very **Happy New Year**

8 Best American Style Smileys with Animation

April 26, 2012 /
These animated smileys are very attractive and looking fabulous. In the below collection all the smileys are very interesting and you will love to use them. I like the second smiley in this list and let me know which one do you like... Enjoy!!