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10+ Stunningly Best Devil Smileys

March 29, 2013 / No Comments

10+ Stunningly Best Devil Smileys

Today, I'm giving you an another collection of smileys called Stunningly Best Devil Smileys. In this collection, there are 10+ smileys and emotions with different style and colors. The most attracting smiley for me in this collection is the first smiley with red-orange color. I hope you will enjoy this collection...

Red Devil Smiley

Beautiful Collection of Smileys with Flowers

January 18, 2013 /
A smiley with a flower is the best way to express your feeling to your loved ones... It doesn't matter what the occasion is, but the flowers are the best way to express yourself. Someone told me that Love is a beautiful flower which we may not touch, but whose fragrance makes a garden a place of delight just the same.

Enjoy this beautiful collection of Smileys with Flowers.

10 Funny Smileys and Emoticons

January 7, 2013 /
Smileys and Emoticons can also be funny. These smileys are making different face expressions to make you smile/laugh. Here is the collection of 10 Funny Smileys and Emoticons which will make you laugh. All the below images are in high resolution. Just click on the image, this will show the full size of the selected image. Enjoy!