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5+ Best Smileys with Thanksgiving Message

November 17, 2012 / No Comments
Thanksgiving day is primarily celebrated in United States and Canada. It is celebrated every year. The smileys here want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Here is the collection of smileys with the Thanksgiving celebration. Enjoy...

Big Wink Smiley with Friendly Gesture

October 11, 2012 /
We all are familiar about wink, it's a friendly gesture. I think wink is a message without any words. After looking at many wink smileys and emoticons I found this wink smiley very attractive and eye catching so, here comes the big wink smiley. Enjoy this and let me know what wink means to you ;-)

Smiley of the Day

August 29, 2012 / No Comments
Today, when I looked many smileys and emoticons I felt that this is one of the best smiley. So, I have selected this as the smiley of the day. It is funny, crazy... lolz

Smileys, Smileys & Smileys

May 9, 2012 / No Comments
Because of the good response from my first collection of smileys(15+ Amazing Smileys/Emoticons) I decided to share more interesting and attractive smileys with you. Here is my next collection of smileys/emoticons which includes different types of expressions like laugh, cry, love, funny...