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15 Flat Wink Smileys in Bright Colors

January 20, 2016 /
A huge collection of wink smileys in flat colors can be found in this post. We have used bright flat colors in the background to make it a look more attractive. So, check out the 15 Flat Wink Smileys in Square shape and share your comments below.

Smile.., you look so much better when you smile.

Big Wink Smiley with Friendly Gesture

October 11, 2012 /
We all are familiar about wink, it's a friendly gesture. I think wink is a message without any words. After looking at many wink smileys and emoticons I found this wink smiley very attractive and eye catching so, here comes the big wink smiley. Enjoy this and let me know what wink means to you ;-)